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Monday, September 28, 2009

assalamualaikum ..

Haha . Baek ! From now on , I have to be really careful on my writing here on my blog .. N why is that ? BECAUSE my beloved teacher Encik Sahar Misron is now currently following me . Which means he will definately got my updates .. Why do I have to be more careful ? He was and still a supertelented writer okay .. A poet . And all kinda stuff .. Who is he ? As I said , my beloved teacher .. He taught me Geografi when I was in form one . He was ALSO the schools GPK okay .. Haha . Back then I was a not-really-good-student or some people say naughty one la .. LOL .. Classes started at 7++ and I'll be there after 9 ! I'm sooo not proud of it taw :p So for sure la Cikgu dah masak dengan muke ni kan cikgu :D But one thing all of u should know about him .. He is the smartest teacher I have EVER met ! Trust me . U can never see him wearing colours kemeje ( I forgot la what's it call in English :p ) or even just a t-shirt ! Seluar , WAJEB black slack with tie on sampai waktu sekolah TAMAT okay .. N the best part is , kalaw agak-agak rumah u guys cermin rosak , u can surely use his black shoes .. Haha I swear people ! There were shining ALL the time !! N honestly , he is ( im using is here okay .. not was .. got it ? ) the best role model for students :) I remember one time he came to my class and started a silent teaching . It was THE BEST ! Everyone in the class cannot speak out not even him .. If u got anything to say or to ask even " cikgu , nak g tandas " u have to write it down on the blackboard .. As usual I'll take part but I forgoten what did I write :p N yeah , even though he is the GPK , everyone loves him :) No one trashes him .. I meant it ! My friends were mostly the naughty ones ( tengok kaki la kan .. haha :p taktak .. I cannot gang with the geniuses la .. not in my blood kot :p ) even my friends never trash him .. All I ever heard when people mentioned his name were " cikgu Sahar kasot kilat !! " or " cikgu Sahar ajar semalam kelaka wey ! haha " or " semalam aku kene ngan cikgu Sahar wey .. naseb cikgu Sahar .. maseh memahami .. kalaw cikgu laen sure aku kene bunuh ! " hmmm yeke the said that ? :p All I'm saying is cikgu Sahar isn't like any other GPKs .. He was the coolest GPKs in the world ok . Everyone loves him .. The ones who don't I don't know la .. Because I'll definately cut them up whoever trash my best teacher la .. Yeke ni ? Hehe .. Okay la .. I don't think I can write very nicely here since using all those unknown words is so me .. Haha :p N this entry is actually tribute to my beloved teacher right here la .. Encik Sahar B Misron :) Ur the best cikgu !! :) Thanx for following me :) Eid Mubarak to u and family in Labuan .. Mintak maaf kalaw ade salah dulu-dulu kale yg cikgu maseh simpan ke eh :D Btw cikgu , cikgu still contact dengan cikgu-cikgu SMKSI yg laen ke ? Especially cikgu Badrul Zaman ( kot la namenye Badrul Zaman .. yg pasti cikgu Badrul .. hehe terok punye student :D ) n cikgu Ramli Tajuddin ? Kalaw ade boleh cikgu share the way nak contact cikgu-cikgu itu ? Hee :D Okay .. Guess I'm leading to mumbling again .. Better stop right away .. Again , thanx for following me cikgu ! :) May Allah bless u and family , amin :)

N to all my readers ( konon ramai la kannnnn .. biala ! haha ) sorry my blog is such a messed up ! I'll definately get it fixed later on insyaAllah .. Now akan offline for weeks since the connection is kinda poor here . Will to something soon insyaAllah .. Dint stop dropping by here okay :) N sorry again for the mess ..

Oh oh !! Since now my tweeps ( taw tak tweeps itu ape ? tu la owg soh update diri tanak .. degil .. kan da tataw .. ahlil pengekot twitter la .. twitter is F . U . N okay ;) ) okay okay :p since some of my tweeps could not read n speak Malay , so I have to write in English now .. I know my English is extremely poor but who cares ? At least I got the courage to go for it .. Rather than trashing people who speak or write poor English ! ( lah ! lepas geram pulak dohhhh haha ) So yeah , if any of u spot any mistake , do urself and me a favor .. " my dear cute lovely eiyra , u got this wrong sayang ( baby , honey , sugar , pumpkins , 7abebti , zaujah .. eh ! zaujah cannot okay ! haha . all of that also accepted yeh ) then continue with the right thingy .. K ? Haha . Enuf !! Talk soon ! Tc :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

My dear eiyra sayang...lol, slmt hr ry maaf zahir dan batin..nape blk msia aritu xkontek akk? Nway, ur english is good, keep it up...n keep in touch ok??;)

azlin ilman said...

my dearest MOK,
ko taw x ko pny english thp pe da 2?

lg maw kecow doe.hahah~

.0hbintang!. said...

my dear kak izu syg , thankiesssss :DD same goes to u kak :) sorryyyyy ritu balek agak hectic la .. mcm taksempat nak buat pape langsong .. so sorry kak .. later k ? next time eiyra turun iAllah eiyra contact akk .. :)

my dear man xsyg , kau cube puji ke perli beb ? haha . punye sampah eng aku nehhhhh .. [-(

Cahaya~ said...

my dear eiyra sayang, honey, sugar, princess wekk wekk

selamat hari raya..
maaf zahir batin yek?
luv u!

lambatnya wish, sorry. -__-

.0hbintang!. said...

my dear oney syg dushdush haha :p
same goes to u oney !!
love u more !! :)