[ action speaks louder than words baby ! ]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


just wanna highlight the title of this entry .

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

seriously !!

ok see .

can a baby talk ?

can they say " I love you " or " I miss you " ??

so what will the do if they wanted to tell u that ?

they'll kiss u and they'll hug u .

kan ?

Charlie Chaplin .

all of his movies are silent movies .

no dialogs at all .

but still we enjoy em .

and my favorite song of all More Than Words

" how easy it wud be to show me how u feel ..

more than words is all u have to do to make it real

then u wudnt hve to say that u love me

coz I'd already know

same thing when i miss my gurls

when i met em . first thing ill do

scream like heck and hug her tight !!

u dun trust me ?

man ! wut did i do when i first saw u ?

please dun mention the jumping thingy part ok ? :p

haha see !!

and yeah !!

i do both ! i talk . and i act

[ most of the time people won't like it la :p ]

and i LOVE hugging and all touchy2 stuff LOL

so do me a favor .

hug me whenever u saw me . boleh tak ? :p

eh sorry . gurls only okay .

i dun hug guys ( babies and kids dun count !! :p ]

except fo my dad and uncles

i dun even hug my brotha !!!

ok thats because he's a shyshy kinda guy :p

does this answer ur q ' why does she like chubby guys ? ' ?


yes ! coz i loveeeee hugging so i prefer the chubby ones

wut ? i dun wanna hug a wood ! i ain't hugging a wood ok :p

wuteva .

talked too much now .

till then .

hugssssssssssssssssssssss lol

[ i miss umars hugs :( ]

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