[ one day ]

Thursday, October 15, 2009


one day ;
am gonna get my own SLR baby
so that i can tke as many pics of babies as i wish
no one can stop me
" its my baby rememba ?! " lol

one day ;
i wanna b a photographer
i wanna tke preggy womens' picssss !!
n babies fo sure !
n kidsssss
wut ?
hey , preggy women are SEXY okay !

one day ;
am gonna get a license fo sky diving
n do it !!
its FUN !! cz its dangerous ! ;)
" honey , will u come wid me ? :) "

one day ;
i wanna go to visit taj mahal
wid him !!
cz it seems like he wanted it so badly now :p
" saba k awk ? t owg bawak awk eh ? "

one day ;
i wanna hve an eat day out
wanna go out all day long
and eat all day long
yeah am a beast !
u got a problem wid that ? lol

one day ;
ill decorate a room in my place fo my special bby , umar
ill filled it wid lotsa toys and books and evrythin
so that umar takboring when he comes to my place :)
" boleh kan wk ? :DD "

one day ;
i wanna hve my very own playground in my place
maybe ill start wid a slide and swings only ?
wanna make sure evry kids loved my place
" pleaseeeee awk ;;) "

one day ;
i wanna buy my parents their dreams .
ill get em fo u ( mak n babah )
insyaAllah ..
saba k ? :)

one day ;
i wanna bring my PIL ( later la kan ? :p ) to Oman
i got a feelin ull like it ;)
trust me :)

one day ;
i wanna hve my very own baby gallery
i wanna put all pics that i took .
wid their names n dob n location as well

one day ;
i wanna go around the world
to tke babies pics
n preggy mummies :)
n honeymoon . boleh ? haha

one day ;
am gonna cover myself .
wid ......
juz wait n see :)

one day ;
i wanna get my sisters n brotha wuteva they want
but dun over la weyh ! haha
oh ! i count nna as one of my sisters too taw ! ;)

one day ;
i wanna get pics of mummies in delivery room
pleaseeeeeeee :)

one day ;
i wanna be a good baker .
bake all kinda cakes .
fo him :)

one day ;
i wanna make sure my babies say
" ur the best mummy anyone cud ever asked fo !! "
yes . i said babies . i want LOTSA babies
babies are miracle :)

one day ;
i wanna make sure my buddies love me
fo being the best buddy .
i dun think i am now

one day ;
i wanna go to mekah
every year .
if He's willing .
cz i never felt better as i was there
please ?

one day ;
i juz wanna make everybody happy
n smile
n laugh

one day ;
am gonna leave this world happy
am gonna leave my parents smiling
am gonna leave my siblings laughin
am gonna leave my hubby jumping
am gonna leave my buddies singing
am gonna leave the kids screaming fun
am gonna leave umar shouting . lol

too many one days dun u think ?
but ill make sure they done b4 i leave
insyaAllah :)

am so selfish *sigh*

i love you all .


:: Alif :: Dal :: Mim :: said...

thank you.. ;)

.0hbintang!. said...

hehe . wut fo dam ? but ur most welcome lah jugak :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

hehe pjg list, k.izu doakn akn tcapai sumenya..insya Allah..;)

aiSyaLiciOus said...

so many 'one day' la dear...i hope all ur wish come true..i'll pray for u.....

.0hbintang!. said...

kak izu ; thanx kak :D t kalaw da ade slr n ur preggy , let me tkeur photos eh :D

sya ; u think ? :p thanxthanx . hehe