[ pardon ? ]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


hey you .

got a sec ?

yalla come got sumthin to tell ..

no . got lotsa thing to tell ..

sorry . there are just too many things in my mind now

i dunno which part shud i start first .

n i dunno if its important to tell .

or shud i just tell evrythin ?

oh well , no ones listening anyways

i miss umar .

n pika .

n irfan bby .

hmmmmmph .

babies never failed to cheer me up .

and all they did were ;

smile fo and at me

play hard

see ? they ( especially umar ) accept me fo who i am .

and always there fo me . even just a glance :)

yesterday i met ( in facebook ) my uncle .

last time i saw him i was ...

ntah . forgot already .

n i never met his children !!

i must hve been gone fo a while !

but am here now :)

usah kerana masa depan yg belom pasti , kita abaikan saat ini .

kerana tanpa saat ini , masa depan takkan terjadi .

do NOT underestimate me .

[ i feel stupid talkin like this here :s ]