[ All in One ]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


First ;
Late last night i went to the bthroom .
i opened the door .
shoot ! i tot i saw sumone !!
astagfirullahalazim ...
wuz so scared but gotta check3 it out who izit .
i slowly turn on the light
( btw the switch is actly IN the bthroom . silly architect ! )
then the light is on

oh !
that wuz me la
i saw my image from the big mirror
aiyooo how can i fogot i got big mirror one in there
silly me !

Second ;
Few days back i went to chatuchak weekend market
i went there once when they came
but back then we got rly short time
snce sumone was so sombong
( no offence honey :p )
now i know that Thailand is shoppin heaven !
how cool is that ?

Third ;
Two days in a row my head spins like heck !
eh . no . three includin today .
its like keeps on toink2ing .
it hurts la :(

Forth ;
i met sumbody
i knew sumthin
and now am scared to death .
ya Allah , pls gimme the strenght

Fifth ;
i learnt to b more careful w otha people .
never tot that ill loose em
it hurts
but its reality .
Question !!
y does reality hve to b such a pain most of the time ?

Sixth ;
to hypocrites , pls do leave me
i swear to god i hated you !
i dun need people like u in my life
so ,
buhbye :)

Seventh ;
to friends , sisio nd bros
y did u walk out when evryone walks out ?
izit bcz u wanted to b in that group ?
or u hated me ?
i saw u walked out .
slowly n w/o even a glance at me .
i wuz cryin badly n got hurt
i called u but u just kept on walkin .
y ?
but its okay :)
u might got ur own excuses
i still love you tho :)
nd miss you so much !
so much that it hurts :(

Eightth ;
am so hungry now

Nineth ;
Neorackle aka Krol
He rocks !!
u rule bro !! :)
( he's an aqua bby as well ! wee )

Tenth ;
i shud rly get sum rest now
this headache is killin me !


eh one more can ?

Eleventh ;
i hate the idea of being anonymous
so whosoever that leaves comments on this very blog ,
pls do introduce urself to me first
and if possible just leave ur link as well .
( unlike bukan bidadari bintang aka triple b )
huh benci. [-(

ok i shud rly go now
take care


bukan bidadari bintang said...


don't hate me...

i juz luv bein' anonymous...

tc :)

.0hbintang!. said...

abg sudennnnnnnnnnnn :(

bukan bidadari bintang said...

abg sudeeeenn??

.0hbintang!. said...

ala salah owg ke ? :(
dah la tanak teke dah ! [-(

bukan bidadari bintang said...

hihihi... sorry pumpkin... wrong guess... better luck next time aite!! ... tc :)

.0hbintang!. said...

tanak try dah ! [-(
gtw cepat . gonna b away fo a month neh .

bukan bidadari bintang said...

well.. see u in a month. holler me when u're home ok!! tc :)